Or ‘Bawth’ as it’s so eloquently pronounced.

Bath is a beautiful, (you guessed it) historic town, appropriately shaped kinda like a bathtub. Most flats circle the centre of bath, with a steep walk downhill to reach the centre. You might think this is where the place gets its name if you looked at a map. Actually, it’s another geological phenomena–naturally occurring hot springs–that led to actual public baths being built there during the Roman occupation of Britain and the name that stuck to the place.

We drove out to Bath, after a pit stop at Stonehenge, to celebrate our last weekend in Reading before moving into London. Why not take advantage of being this far west? If you decide to visit, it’s a bit of an inconvenient train ride (closest stop is Salisbury), but there are various bus tours leaving from London.

We walked through the town centre, filled with boutiques and artists performing across the various town squares. I also splurged on a bag from ‘the Kate Spade of London’, Radley!

The main attraction is, of course, the Romans Baths themselves. The modest entrance fee gets you a free audio tour and open access to the various archeological finds surrounding the local lives of Bathers from the Roman times. At the end you even get to taste the mineral bath water itself…not my cup of tea!

There are many other Bath-centric sites, notably a gorgeous Abbey right next to the baths. If you have more time, download a self-guided walking tour on your mobile’s app store to learn more about the various buildings.

We finished off our day like any good Brits would: hunting for the best Sunday Roast. For those who don’t know, it’s a bit of a tradition around these parts for local pubs to roast up a bunch of meat and veggies alongside some deliciously puffy Yorkshire puddings! Given that most of these quaint towns close up shop on Sundays by 5 for some R&R with the fam, it was surprisingly hard to find a pub that was still serving a roast late afternoon. We finally settled on a more upscale brasserie than a local Pub (Brasserie Blanc) for some delicious roast beef with all the fixin’s to end our lovely day trip.


One thought on “Splish, Splash, We’re Going to Bath

  1. I also loved Bath. It is such a beautiful town. Alex and I finished our trip with a pizza. Not to traditional. I didn’t taste the water Dan said it was terrible. I took his word for it. We have some beautiful pictures as the sun was setting


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