As part of our western UK exploration, we stopped at Stonehenge. Still being in Reading at the time we decided to hop in the care and drive to…the middle of nowhere, with the added bonus of picturesque rolling hills on either side (and absolutely no phone reception.)

Parking is near the Visitor’s Center, where you can explore a small exhibition on Stonehenge’s history, a gift shop, a cafe, and other less popular druid-inspired structures. There are also multiple buses leaving from central London daily if you are car-less and/or terrified of driving on the other side of the road.

You can trek up to the Henge (that’s what we in the know call it) and explore the surrounding areas, specifically some apparently interesting large mounds that were used for burials or something of the sort. We were on a tight schedule that day though so we hopped on the short shuttle bus ride taking you to the rocks themselves. If you do decide to walk you might even be able to sneak by without paying admission. No one checked our ticket once we exited the bus onto the ruins. The weather was acting particularly lovely that weekend, so the surrounding landscape was as extraordinary as the ruins themselves. I had already enjoyed the Henge on a previous trip to the UK and got all my geeking out over the history of it all back then but Nick got to experience the joy of seeing this pre-historic circle up close for the first time.

Definitely purchase an audio tour, or download on your mobile Rick Steve’s Audio Europe podcast for free. I’ve spoken to many locals who mentioned they didn’t care for Stonehenge, but I believe that’s because the history behind the rocks definitely adds to their impressiveness!

Without further a do, a rock collage:


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