To end our weekend trip to Edinburgh, we signed up for a tips-only Scotland Highlands tour with The Hairy Coo. How does the company makes a profit? I have no idea, but they believe that regardless of your financial status, you should have the ability to experience the natural beauty outside of Scotland’s urban cities. This was by far the highlight of our trip. It’s a full day (8am to 6pm) that covers everything you’d ever want to see in Scotland–historic monuments, lush landscapes, and of course, hairy cows! 

img_5598img_5614img_5619img_5625img_5610I would end this post with the pretty pictures, but the restaurant we ate at for dinner was our favorite by far. We were starved after our tour, even though the savoury pies in Aberdeen held us over for a while. We made reservations at The Dogs, a classy yet eclectic gastropub with a creative twist to every dish. Here, I (Reg) finally  built up the courage to try ‘haggis’…well, vegetarian haggis*! To emulate the texture of real haggis, they used a mix of nuts and root vegetables, and enveloped it in a soft, flaky pastry dough. Major cop out, I know, but delicious nonetheless!

*This restaurant was not a ‘take a photo of your dish’ kinda of place, so pardon the lack of visuals.



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