How to be a Smart Foodie in London

You follow mostly food Instagram accounts. You keep a list of local restaurants in a draft email as a failsafe for date night. Chefs Table is your favorite mini-series. I Dream of Jiro is your favorite movie. Yes, we know, and we're guilty of it too. We. are. foodies.  So, you're going to London and … Continue reading How to be a Smart Foodie in London

Stonehenge: “She’s a Druish Pricess!”

As part of our western UK exploration, we stopped at Stonehenge. Still being in Reading at the time we decided to hop in the care and drive to…the middle of nowhere, with the added bonus of picturesque rolling hills on either side (and absolutely no phone reception.) Parking is near the Visitor's Center, where you … Continue reading Stonehenge: “She’s a Druish Pricess!”