A Day in Caerdydd (Cardiff!)

Helo from Caerdydd! Cardiff was the destination for our first Welsh experience this past weekend. When we mentioned to our British friends our decision, it was met with some meh-ness, "but Wales is known for it's greenery! Not the capital!" We wanted a taste of Wales, but didn't have enough time to do a proper … Continue reading A Day in Caerdydd (Cardiff!)

Where to Enjoy the Sun in London

It's June, and "summer" is officially here. Today we are writing to you from the top deck of a double decker bus, with the sun shining and not a cloud (err, a few clouds) in the sky. After looking at gray skies for much of this year, we are final getting reacquainted with that bright … Continue reading Where to Enjoy the Sun in London

Cheers to beer being cheaper than water in Prague!

Dobrý Večer! Prague is one of the few cities that was not demolished by World War II (there was once “accidental” bombing but no sustained fighting), therefore the city looks like a pristine dollhouse, with whimsical moldings and pastel colors decorating every building. We once heard that Prague probably looks a lot like what Berlin … Continue reading Cheers to beer being cheaper than water in Prague!

Cinque Terre: Beachtown Vacation…in the Winter?!

The offseason. The words locals love but tourists despise (and some locals may despise if they have a business reliant on tourists.) This was our first Christmas holiday away from family, so we wanted to make it extra special. Our very complex planning process began with a visit to skyscanner.net, a review of all Europe … Continue reading Cinque Terre: Beachtown Vacation…in the Winter?!

Edinburruh: The Hairy Coo!

To end our weekend trip to Edinburgh, we signed up for a tips-only Scotland Highlands tour with The Hairy Coo. How does the company makes a profit? I have no idea, but they believe that regardless of your financial status, you should have the ability to experience the natural beauty outside of Scotland's urban cities. This was … Continue reading Edinburruh: The Hairy Coo!